Are you tired of business phone systems that are missing a key component? Either the system is technically great and the customer service isn’t, or vice versa. We’re here to solve both problems with a hosted, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), phone system that’s straightforward and has the features you need with the support you want.

We can support physical desk phones, soft-phones on your Windows or Apple computer, or an app on your iOS or Android smart phone, where you can make and receive calls using your business phone number. Here are a few of the over 70 features included with our system:

Auto Attendant

Unlimited Auto-Attendants with a visual builder.

Call Parking

Pick up a call, park it, then pick it up on a different device.

Web Portal

Easy to use web portal will make managing your service a breeze.

Hunt Groups

Route calls to a group of users or even their cell phones.

Call Reporting

Filter by number, direction of call and disposition.

Call Recording

Record calls on demand, always or never.

US-Based Support

You can expect to speak with local tech support in central Indiana for help!

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail messages right in your inbox. Play them from any device.


We prefer to speak in plain English, but we know some customers have more technical knowledge or have those on their team who would like a bit more technical detail. We are located in multiple datacenters across the country, have peering with all T1 providers, most T2 providers, and are built on a carrier-grade class 5 soft switch with multiple levels of redundancy and active failover. In English, this means our system is built to survive and recover and keep downtime to a minimum (no one’s perfect) so you can keep your business going.

So what?

We’re a small, local team that lives and dies based on our excellent support, but we have resources to solve problems when necessary with vendors and partners, and redundancy in place in both technology and people to make sure we’re available for you. Our goal is to continue to earn your business on an ongoing basis and not keep you waiting like the national providers you’ve experienced being on hold with, so if you ever have that kind of problem with us (we’re not perfect) please talk to us directly so we can make it right.